The CryptoCravers First Play-To-Earn Token

The Black Pearl V2

Hidden Beneath the Depths of the Sea, Lays the Sunken Treasure of Old. Among this Treasure resides the Black Pearl. An Ancient and Powerful Historical Artifact that is said to grant well-earned fortune to those who seek to find it



Do you dare venture forth to claim this Ancient Treasure? 


Time Till The Black Pearl Presale

The Black Pearl Presale is Live!

About The Black Pearl

The Pirates Bounty

The Black Pearl V2 Automatically generates yield by applying a tax of 7% on every transaction. 

Just by holding onto the Black Pearl Token, you earn a passive and instant income! That’s what we call the Pirates Bounty!



is sent to the Pancakeswap liquidity(LP) that’ll continuously increase the price floor allowing for a steady increase in price.(Incremental price Elevation)


is automatically reflected back to the holders providing a passive yield(Passive Yield Income Generation)


is used to fund the CryptoCravers Game Studio, the production of the Black Pearl Play to Earn Action Adventure RPG, and to provide liquidity for marketing/promotional material (CryptoCravers Open Wallet)


is used to automatically buyback sold tokens(Buyback Mechanics)


is burned every transaction(Burning Mechanics)

1 Billion Token Supply

The Black Pearl Whitepaper


What is the Black Pearl v2?

Who are the CryptoCravers?

What is the Black Pearl Play-to-Earn RPG

What are the Black Pearl's Tokenomics?

What does it mean to be Completely Transparent?

Where can I invest in the Black Pearl v2?

Read the Official Black Pearl V2 Whitepaper!

The Black Pearl Roadmap

A Telling of Events for the Black Pearl V2 De-Fi Token

April 2021
Release of the Black Pearl V1 Token
May 2021
Black Pearl V1 Achieves 2500 Holders
June 2021
PancakeSwap V2 Chain is Released
July 2021
Development of the Black Pearl V2 Begins
August 2021
Development of the New Black Pearl Website Begins
September 2021
New Black Pearl Website is Released
October 2021
Update on The Black Pearl Steam Video Game Live Now
Late October 2021
Pre-Alpha Trailer of the Black Pearl RPG Released Live Now
November 2021
Black Pearl v2 Presale Begins
Late November 2021
Pre-Alpha Closed Development Testing
Mid-November 2021
Podcasts, Community Activities, Giveaways, and Promos
Late November 2021
Pre-Alpha Closed Develop Testing Ends
Early December 2021
Continued Community Activities, Events, More Listing Updates
Mid-December 2021
Christmas Event!
Late December 2021
Alpha Trailer Released
Release of the Black Pearl Play-to-Earn Video Game Beta, Plenty of Events, Updates, Listings and Activities! Much More to Come!

The Black Pearl Action-Adventure RPG