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The CryptoCravers LLC is a scalable De-Fi Cryptocurrency solution that has employed innovative methods for tackling challenges faced by the current ecosystem of the Cryptocurrency marketplace. The CryptoCravers will be the corrective measure to ensure a brighter and more secure Cryptocurrency future

Cryptocurrency Solutions

The CryptoCravers consist of an experienced team of Engineers, Programmers, Artists, Industry Project Leaders and Cryptocurrency Professionals.

Our purpose is to serve the crypto community along with building the next generation of on-chain products. Together, we will build tomorrow. 

Our Contract To You

The CryptoCravers Mission is to innovate and deliver blockchain technology to the forefront of the consumer and provide real world applications. 

We want to bring decentralized finance back to it’s original design by building industry leading riskless and trustless Smart Contracts, superior De-Fi Applications (Dapps), Informative Project Reviews, Educational Project Articles and by providing the community with reliable and profitable De-Fi projects.

Projects We've

Our Development Cycle

The Bear Token

The Bear Token ($BEAR) is a Binance Smart Chain rewards token designed to grow your investment through the Crypto winter. Our unique treasury wallet will “Buy the Dip” to optimize maximum growth during the bear market.

What is the Bear Token?

This was the second major project of the CryptoCravers Development Team. Within the first several days of launch, the Bear Token exceeded all odds and broke past 600k market cap. This success would lead way to several smaller short term tokens, most notability, The Bear Cub Token (40k MC) and ZomBear (65k MC).

The VReality

The VReality was the first project of the CryptoCravers New Development Team. It focused on building a Cryptocurrency Platform for the VReality Arcade. Our ethos was to deliver blockchain technology to the forfront of the off-chain consumer world.

Ultimately, our vision was too ahead of it’s time as the project failed to capture investors gaze. Fortunately, this failure taught the CryptoCravers team an immeasurable amount which we used going forwards.

To Be Announced!

Our Third Project is currently in it’s pre-developmental stages. Stay tuned for additional information regarding this project! 

Who are the CryptoCravers?

The CryptoCravers Team

JP Ivey

Project Manager

Technical Project Manager for software development. I have a Masters in Management, multiple Agile certifications, and experience in a wide variety of fields (restaurants, manufacturing, military applications, and software). I have been involved in multiple crypto projects, both as an analyst and investor.

Vadim Race

Lead developer

Smart contract and back end/full stack web3 developer for CryptoCraversLLC. I have experience in working with NI LabView, MatLab, Solidity, Java, Python, C++, Objective C, NI Multisim and Java Script. I am also a Program Manager for US Acquisitions Programs involving data analytics, electronic warfare applications and signal analysis.

Mahmud Hasan

Web Developer

Mern Stack Web Developer skilled in CSS, HTML5, Node.js, React JS, Javascript and Mongo DB. I'm expanding my knowledge into blockchain web development.

Nicholas Houle

Artistic Director and Technical Advisor

Military Vet, Full Time Traveler, Part Time Investor. I've been working with Cryptocurrencies since 2012 and have an immense understanding of investing and trading. I'm currently working on a BSc in CompSci.


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Mailing Address: 8 The Green STE R, Dover, DE 19901, United States of America

Official Contact Email: Support@CryptoCravers.Finance

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