Welcome To The CryptoCravers
A US Veteran and Family Owned Company

Who Are The CryptoCravers?

The CryptoCravers LLC is an Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) and Cryptocurrency Entertainment and Decentralized Finance Token Director located in Delaware, US that specializes in the production of De-Fi Tokens, Podcasts, DApps, and Blockchain RPG Video Games


The CryptoCravers Community is a scalable De-Fi Cryptocurrency solution that has employed innovative methods for tackling challenges faced by the current ecosystem of the Cryptocurrency marketplace. The CryptoCravers will be the corrective measure to ensure a brighter and more secure Cryptocurrency future

Our Contract To You

The CryptoCravers Mission is to help combat the rampant and destructive misuse of blockchain technology by building engaging Smart contracts, Smart De-Fi Apps(Dapps) and Blockchain Video Games while also providing security, entertainment and education to a large community of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals. 

A Digital Ecosystem


Knowledge is power, and community is key. Through our Governance model, the community has the power to shape the future of the CryptoCravers through community collaboration with the development team on deciding matters within the company. The CryptoCravers Council will oversee all governance matters and will bring fourth improvement proposals, as well as electing the initial model of governance.

Token Minting and Launches

As a way to deter the operation and combat the consistent and persistent release of fraudulent tokens, We Professionally Code, Audit and release our own completely Safe and Secure De-Fi Tokens. Every contract’s source code can be found on our GitHub. 

Registered Limited Liability Company

The CryptoCravers is an LLC registered in the State of Delaware, United States. Our legality status was ensured to add another layer of confidence and trust through our community and investors

Active Development Team 

The CryptoCravers development team will always be fully accessible through our Social Medias, Discord and Telegram

Our working office hours:

0900-2100HRS EST| Monday – Saturday

Formidable Tokenomics

Always a 6 Months PancakeSwap Lock Time

10-30% goes towards the team to help with funding the creation of future De-Fi tokens, advertising and marketing, team salary’s, promotional materials, hosting and growing the community! 

Smart Contracts will be renounced once the community and developers come to an agreement and feel the token has matured enough to support itself going forward

Community Vetted Tokens: Periodically, we’ll let the community decide on what the next token’s attributions should be

Upon the succession of each token, we’ll have it uploaded to CMC, CoinGecko, and possibility new exchanges depending on our community’s feedback

CryptoCravers Official Podcast

We here at the CryptoCravers believe in the Art of Simplicity, we also believe that knowledge and entertainment should come free. So we decided to branch out into the Podcast sector. 

So many intelligent and knowledgeable voices go unheard in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain world, we want to give them a platform to voice their concerns regarding the future of Blockchain technology and provide valuable insight into the inner workings of the marketplace and technology in general. Podcast Release Times: Bi-weekly on Friday


The CryptoCravers 2022 Cryptocurrency Journey

January 2022 Q1
Introduce The CryptoCravers new Business Model Live Now
February 2022 Q1
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March 2022 Q1
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April 2022 Q2
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May 2022 Q2
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June 2022 Q2
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July 2022 Q3
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August 2022 Q3
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September 2022 Q3
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October 2022 Q4
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November 2022 Q4
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December 2022 Q4
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Official CryptoCravers Whitepaper


Learn about the CryptoCravers Mission

  • What is the CryptoCravers?

  • What do we represent?

  • Why should you invest in our community?

  • How are we going to help better this marketplace?

  • What does it mean to be a Token Director?

  • What does Themed Community Mean?

  • Learn all about the CryptoCravers Community and more through our Whitepaper!

All of the tokens will have presales on Dxsale and be launched through PancakeSwap
There will be both a countdown timer on Dxsale and the website for the associated coin release.
Each token that we create will always have 90% locked liquidity for 2 years
You will navigate to the page where it was originally listed, once the sale is finished you can claim your tokens on the same page.
You can re-claim your pledged tokens from the same page as the listing. You will be refunded 100% of your tokens.
there will be close to no developer tokens for any subsequent token launch. (Less than .1% of the tokens will be in the dev wallet due to the whole number algorithm calculation in DxSale)
We hope to earn the reputation of being rug pull proof, and to do so we must set the example. Each token’s presale will be at a 90% Pancake swap liquidity lock, the developers will only hold less than 0.1% of the token supply(This is because of how Dxsale does its token calculations), each smart contract’s code will be available to be viewed publicly through our GitHub, and after we feel the token has matured, we will renounce the ownership and pass it on to the community.
The contracts for the tokens will be renounced after the token has matured into a stabilized currency to ensure a smooth transition into the marketplace.
Each token will be treated as a utility token for our project. Most of the funding that the team will be receiving will be put back towards the project for the creation of future tokens, advertising, and the creation of promotional material. This will allow for us to combat further rug pulls of the future and will help bolster trust for the DeFi marketplace.
This will be used as a commission to help grow the community and fund our team for their efforts.
The Black Pearl V2 is the updated variation of the Black Pearl V1. It contains a 4% taxation that'll provide additional passive income to each and every holder while also increasing the price floor each transaction that occurs.
It's our attempt at breaking into the extremely new and exciting Proof-of-Play/Play-to-Earn infrastructure. The Black Pearl Video Game was engineered and developed on the Unreal Engine 4 platform and will be released on Steam. You play as a sea-venturing buccaneer controlling the famous Black Pearl vessel, scattered across the map are Black Pearl Tokens. Each token you earn in-game will be deposited into your Cryptocurrency wallet! Check out our Black Pearl Game site for more information!
That's the plan, but we want to make sure the community is completely on board before we make any executive decisions!
We are an innovative theme community aimed to bring stability and transparency to the unregulated and uncertain Cryptocurrency market. We here at CryptoCravers strive to assure that we will do everything we can to protect this community and give them the protection, trust, and assurance they need when investing in cryptocurrency.
We want the public to be informed about how to spot a rug pull, we want to educate individuals and provide them with a stable community in which they can be confident in their investment.
We have created an infrastructure of security and transparency, every transaction made through our developer wallets will be made public. We are a registered and recognized business under the name CryptoCravers LLC, and our mission is to provide the community with the safest investments. We are open to suggestions to improve our business and community; everyone's opinion matters here.
When we intend on renouncing ownership back to the community, we will hold little to no tokens in any developer wallets. When we intend on selling the token to the highest bidder, we will have all the developer tokens in a locked wallet with conformational proof of the lock. When the lock expires, then we will perform an intensive background checking and interview of all the successful winning candidates to ensure only the highest qualified candidates can hold ownership over one of our tokens.
We want to create a decentralized pre-sale exchange platform like Dxsale, but through this community and with more security. Instead of anyone being able to upload their smart contract without any prerequisites, we will want to have a system in place that will check the entire smart contract to ensure it does not contain any harmful code or any known scam functions. Also, each developer uploading a token would have to undergo a background check and create a profile containing personal information, Know Your Customer type of system. The security and safety of our community is our number one priority, and we want to do everything in our power to guarantee that assurance.
By introducing the marketplace with trustworthy coins, it will detract individuals away from fraudsters. And through our community we will provide education to all new and veteran investors on how not to be a victim of the next rug pull.
If you are interested in becoming a CryptoCravers team member and we need your skills, please message one of our developers or founders and we can set up an interview! We will regularly be posting job offers and open positions.
Yes, all the developer’s information will be public for everyone to view on the main website.
We have hired individuals on an international level, our LLC is registered in Delaware.
We are a legal entity recognized by the state of Delaware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Featured Token


The Black Pearl v2 has a 7% taxation that applies whenever a buy or sell occurs.
2% is sent to the PancakeSwap Liquidity(LP)
2% is reflected back to all the holders
1% is used to fund the CryptoCravers DAO, the CryptoCravers Game Studios, and to provide funds for marketing/promotional material
1% is used to automatically buyback sold tokens

Rewarding To Holders

2% Is Automatically Reflected back to the Holders Providing a Passive Yield(Passive Yield Income Generation)


Transactions that send more that 1% of the total supply will be rejected, and no single wallet can hold more than 2% of the total Black Pearl Token Supply

Locked Liquidity

90% of the entire Black Pearl v2 Liquidity is locked away inside the PancakeSwap v2 Router Contract until 2023

Buyback Mechanics

The Buyback contract automatically collects a 1% buyback tax on each transaction which is stored inside of our locked contract. Whenever a sell occurs, the contract triggers and a portion of the buyback amount is used to automatically purchase tokens from the liquidity pool(Hyper-Deflation)


For every transaction that occurs, 1% of that total purchase/sell results in those tokens being burnt, and sent to a 0x dead address